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Happy New Year! As you might already have noticed, something is different in this Zero Waste Europe newsletter. Well, you have a keen eye indeed, as we have spent the last part of 2022 revamping the format to ensure that our readers only receive the most important zero waste news in their inboxes.

While this new format is shorter and more easily digestible than before, we will continue to send it out on a monthly basis. Enjoy!

Beyond Circular Fashion - a new business model for the fashion industry

Let's kick off 2023 by following up on our commitment to address the current system of overproduction and overconsumption. What better way to start than by improving the making of the clothes we buy and wear?

The fast fashion model is based on overconsumption, resource depletion, social exploitation, fossil-based fibres, and greenwashing. With our latest report, Beyond Circular Fashion - a new business model for the fashion industry, Zero Waste Europe has identified four essential criteria which must be met simultaneously to reverse this model:

  1. Design for physical and emotional durability;
  2. Demand-driven production to phase out unsolds and discounts;
  3. Full supply chain transparency and traceability post-sale;
  4. Extending the use-phase after first ownership.
Join us in demanding for, and supporting, truly zero waste business models in fashion by sharing our campaign updates on social media with the hashtag #BeyondCircularFashion.


Zero waste news


A message from Zero Waste Europe

As of 1 January 2023, and with unanimous approval and support from the ZWE Board and the full Management Team, Esra Tat is officially Zero Waste Europe’s Executive Director, with Joan Marc Simon assuming the role of Director-Founder. 

As Executive Director, Esra will continue using her impressive and unique strategic skills and vision to lead Zero Waste Europe, spearheading our team as we define, develop, and deliver impactful zero waste models to transform society and guarantee a circular future for our planet. Her leadership and insight into the zero waste community has been crucial to establishing Zero Waste Europe as an agent of change and a movement-building force – and we are sure this will continue to be the trend going forward.

As Director-Founder, Joan Marc will continue to focus on scouting new opportunities for Zero Waste Europe and the larger zero waste movement, identifying emerging trends, helping us to solidify and grow our relationships with like-minded organisations and key stakeholders across Europe and beyond. His extensive knowledge and long standing expertise of zero waste will be valuable to keep exploring uncharted territories and avenues to make zero waste a reality. 

We invite you to join us in congratulating Esra and Joan Marc on this natural evolution process, and to continue supporting Zero Waste Europe as we move closer to a circular future built on wellbeing, resilience, and sufficiency for all.


Webinar: How zero waste can continue during a war - stories from Ukraine

Since February 2022, the people of Ukraine have been needlessly suffering in the midst of an unnecessary war. The war has brought misery and unimaginable pain to millions of Ukrainians, the pain of which has been felt throughout Europe and the wider world. 

Yet even in these darkest of times, there are stories of hope that shine through.

This webinar will go into further detail to look into how the philosophy, approach and framework of zero waste is still being applied in Ukraine today, despite the tremendous challenges that the war has posed. 

This webinar looks at three specific case studies in detail:

  • Initiating and implementing reuse systems among internally displaced persons in Lviv;
  • How an EcoHub in Kharkiv is providing additional services for people in need;
  • Setting up the first urban garden in the city of Lutsk to provide greater opportunities for locals to begin composting.


Danone: Deplastify Now! 

Our member Zero Waste France, together with Surfrider Europe and ClientEarth are starting legal proceedings against Danone over its global plastic pollution. This is the first time a food company has faced court action for its use of plastic, using a key French law that demands companies acknowledge and address the impacts their operations have on the environment and human rights.

In their view, Danone is not complying with its obligations under the french 2017 duty of vigilance law. Danone needs to deplastify its activities urgently.

VOICE: New waste management resources
for schools

Our member organisation in Ireland, VOICE, have just launched a series of easy-to-follow instructional videos about managing waste in schools - from packaging to food waste and more. The videos are freely available to all schools in Gaeilge and English, and can be streamed online. 

Ekologi brez meja:
First Zero Waste
Business Certification

At the end of last year, the very first Business Certificate was awarded by the Mission Zero Academy to the Ribno Alpine Resort, following successful  implementation of zero waste measures through the support of our member in Slovenia, Ekologi brez meja.


GAIA - January welcomes the International Zero Waste Month

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) is using the strength of the movement to celebrate the International Zero Waste Month this January. Led by the Asia Pacific region and supported by all the other regional branches, throughout this month we are running initiatives to educate and spark conversations about waste management solutions. These include gatherings, forging alliances, film festivals, and much more.




Each month, our ZWE Changemakers campaign will put the spotlight on one of our member organisations. This month we are visiting the southernmost of our members, Rezero.

Learn more ➜


Policy news

The True Toxic Toll - Biomonitoring research on dioxins (PCDFF/F and DL-PCB), PFAS and PAH - Kaunas, Madrid and Pilsen 2022

Debunking Efficient Recovery: The Performance of EU Incineration Facilities


Zero Waste Europe’s response
to the call for evidence on the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and its additives


Other highlights

Sustainability-as-usual is over: time for radical realism

BBC Sounds - Business Daily: the nappy problem


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