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On this last day of February, we want to share one of our most exciting publications of the year, the State of Zero Waste Municipalities Report 2022, as well as some upcoming events that we think you will find interesting.

State of Zero Waste Municipalities Report 2022

We’re very excited to be publishing our third edition of the State of Zero Waste Municipalities Report, looking at the work that has been done from 2022. The report is our annual showcase of the progress that continues to be made on Zero Waste Cities in Europe, and around the world. 

2022 saw continued growth in the number of zero waste cities in Europe, nearly 500 now, and the impact that these cities are positively having on waste prevention. This year’s report also includes a special focus on best practice examples of reuse models, with case studies highlighting Europe’s best examples in this field from Gent, Geneva, Paris, Tübingen and Hamburg.

Our aim with the report is to both inspire hope for a better future and provide both tangible details and data on how this hope can be channelled into impactful policies and initiatives.


Zero waste news


Webinar: Beyond circular fashion - Why we need to end overproduction

The current model of fast fashion is one of the main drivers of overconsumption, resource depletion and social exploitation.

Building on the best practices in the European market, Zero Waste Europe has identified four criteria which, when applied simultaneously, could be considered as key to identifying a virtuous business model
  1. Design for physical and emotional durability; 
  2. Demand-driven production to phase out unsolds and discounts; 
  3. Full supply chain transparency and traceability post-sale; 
  4. Extending the use-phase after first ownership.
With this webinar we are opening the discussion about our recent ‘Beyond circular fashion’ report with stakeholders from business and academia and particularly go into greater depth to answer these key questions: 
  • What does a sustainable fashion business model look like? 
  • What challenges do sustainable businesses face? 
  • How can governments and legislation support the transition?


Register for the conference on “Mixed Waste Sorting: The next frontier for the Circular Economy”

Mixed Waste Sorting (MWS) is gaining attention around Europe, as on-going newer operations in countries like Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands continue to show positive results by extracting plastics, textiles and metals for recycling. The net impact of MWS is that these valuable European resources which are part of the waste stream get recycled rather than incinerated, buried in landfill or residuals of biological treatment. 

The conference Mixed Waste Sorting: The next frontier for managing residual waste for maximum circularity aims to bring together regional and national governments, MWS operators, recyclers, experts, and technology providers from countries across Europe to offer their expertise on the introduction of MSW as an additional tool for the material recovery and re-circulation of Europe ́s valuable resources. 

The conference is a timely response to the current revision of the Waste Framework Directive, due to be proposed by the European Commission in Q2 of 2023.


Rezero - Creation of a "Library of Things"

Our member Rezero has been at the forefront of reuse initiatives in Spain. They have kicked off 2023 by driving the creation of the Library of Things in Santi Marti, Catalonia (Biblioteca de les Coses) and by advising seven new similar projects, three of which are located in secondary schools.

These "Libraries of Things" follow an increasing will from public entities to have spaces that can loan objects for occasional use to citizens, instead of buying something they might only need once or twice in their life.

Zero Waste Germany: Kiel becomes first certified German city
In recent weeks, the German city of Kiel has undergone an audit by the Mission Zero Academy to successfully become the first Zero Waste Certified City in Germany. Supported by our member Zero Waste Germany, the city has committed to actively implementing up to 107 measures in the coming years.
ZWAU: Continued inspiration from our members in Ukraine

One year from the start of the war in Ukraine, our colleagues from the Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine continue to inspire us with their continuous work towards sustainable practices, which they have adapted as needed during such challenging times. Our latest webinar told their stories.


GAIA - Vision and Grit: Exceptional Zero Waste Women in the  Asia Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific region of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) took the occasion of the 2023 International Zero Waste Cities Conference to launch the Vision and Grit: Exception Zero Waste Woman in the Asia Pacific Region compendium. This must-read publication features 14 women leaders across the region whose initiatives have made a huge impact in their communities and have served as an inspiration for others to do the same.




Each month, our ZWE Changemakers campaign will put the spotlight on one of our member organisations. This month we are visiting our member in Norther Ireland, Zero Waste North West.


Policy news

Mixed Waste Sorting to meet the EU's Circular Economy Objectives


Other highlights

No social justice or just transition without the Global South - lessons from the International Zero Waste Cities Conference

EURACTIV - Battle lines drawn for EU's packaging waste law


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